Power: the ultimate status symbol for mankind. Whether it be the amount of money in your bank account, your job, level of management or the diagonal measurement of your main television set at home, they all hold some sort of symbolic power to our status in society.

Enter the Gen-F HSV GTS. A supercharged 6.2 litre V8 with 430kW and 740Nm of torque. This is the ultimate vehicle for the ultimate West Sydney bogan as the engine emits that guttural growl that is mimicked by the bogan experiencing a binge drinking induced hangover. It is unquestionably the most powerful car ever designed and built in Australia. It’s also the second most expensive at just under the magic $100,000 mark, only bettered by the W427 from a few years ago.

So why is it then that with a 95kW and 170Nm advantage over its natural rival, the FPV GT RSPEC, the bloody thing is only 0.1 seconds to 100km/h faster at 4.4 seconds?! I readily admit that the GTS has probably got better handling due to a more advanced suspension package. But seriously, we’re talking here about a power and torque advantage that is worth an extra small car. Why isn’t it significantly faster?

I’m not questioning the car’s value for money or whether it’s any good. It undoubtedly is. I just don’t understand where the absurd amount of power goes since it’s not much faster than a car that is significantly cheaper? Can someone please tell me where the extra 95kW and 170Nm goes? I’m dying to find out!


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