I was saddened and dismayed to hear that Paul Walker, most famously known as Brian O’Connor from the Fast and Furious movies had passed away in what appears to be a very, very scary car accident yesterday. That he was a renowned petrol head and spending his weekend at a charity event with great cars when the accident happened is a tragic end for someone who has made enthusiasm for cars in popular media acceptable once again.

This accident however, like all other bad car accidents where people are hurt or killed reminded me that every injury or fatality that happens on the road seems to be such an immense waste of human life and is ultimately completely unnecessary trauma. As a petrol head, owning and driving a car represents freedom, independence, adventure and fun. But it also should represent responsibility for your safety and that of others, whether they’re in the car or not. After all, you’re traveling along with quite a lot of kinetic energy.

As the Christmas and New Year holidays are coming up, I do hope that everyone takes special care when out, especially on the road, to make sure that they and their loved ones don’t come to harm. The holidays should always be a reason to celebrate a year well lived with friends and family while looking forward to another year of happiness and prosperity instead of stress or grief as a result of any misfortune.


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