So, the first Melbourne Night Noodle Markets in the Alexandra Gardens has just come and gone. Since I love food, I thought it best to go and see what the fuss was all about.

First up, staging the event in the Alexandra Gardens was a fantastic move. It’s a beautiful setting in the city, especially on a nice evening. It’s a pleasant place to eat and the walk to the nearest transport home after you’ve gorged yourself is more than just pleasant. With that in mind, twenty five of Melbourne’s finest Asian food shops showed up to ply their menus.

First thing’s first, there weren’t many noodle choices. Of the twenty five stalls present, less than half of those actually had noodles of any kind. That didn’t present itself as much of a problem, although the organisers should probably consider enforcing a one noodle item per stall rule next time. There were plenty of other choices present to make up for it – dumplings, curries, rotis and BBQ skewers. The only issue is that though there were some really well known eateries represented, they could only bring a very small selection of their full menus along. This is typical, so I wouldn’t judge any restaurant’s food quality from the small samples they were able to provide.

All-in-all, it was a fun experience. Plenty of people showed up due to the fantastic weather and the atmosphere was relaxed and jovial. Hopefully, next year sees more food stalls and more actual noodles!


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