This post is a bit of a thought bubble on a demonstration I saw in Adelaide while attending a conference there recently.

To begin with, I’m not afraid to say that I think the people of Australia made a bad decision electing the current government. Though there were ultimately few differences between the ALP and the Coalition now in power, the two fundamental policy differences were their proposed methods of tackling human influence in climate change and the future of telecommunications in this country.

I’ve already talked about what I think of the Direct Action plan here, so I’m not going to repeat my thoughts on that subject. Unfortunately, on the issue of telecommunications, the Coalition version of the National Broadband Network is a bit like telling the photographers for Victoria’s Secret that Miranda Kerr is no longer available to pose in a bikini, but Heather Mills’ stump is.

I digress. The demonstration in Adelaide’s beautiful Botanic Gardens was about the gay and lesbian community’s desire to be able to marry (and subsequently contribute to the wanky sports car funds of divorce lawyers later) like the rest of us chumps…er I mean straight people.

Now, it seems to the disinterested observer that the major reason gay and lesbian people can’t marry in Australia is for pseudo-religious reasons. Since I’m not in any way religious, I don’t see why they can’t be granted the right to get married. If you think about it, how does it affect you anyway if they do?

The problem is that while the demonstration was peaceful, some of the more extreme protesters had T-shirts with the slogan “f*ck Tony Abbott” on it. I may not like the guy or his stance on many important issues and I certainly wouldn’t do what the shirt suggests I do, but using stupid slogans like that don’t contribute in any way to the debate and is akin to the infamous “ditch the witch” poster used against Julia Gillard a few years ago.

I support the gay and lesbian community in bringing this highly desired positive social change for themselves, but I doubt that angry, negative attitudes and foul language on clothing is the way that change will become reality.


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