Guys, seriously? Time travelling ghosts? I would put a plot spoiler warning here, but the plot is too stupid and there’s no point.


Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert
Rose Byrne as Renai Lambert
Ty Simpkins as Dalton Lambert
Barbara Herschey as Lorraine Lambert
Lin Shaye as someone who shouldn’t be here
with Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell as the much needed Comic Relief Team

I enjoyed the first Insidious. The haunting was creepy, the music was jarring and sinister as was the cinematography and the costume and make up was similarly disconcerting. It was a decent scare. Unsurprisingly, it did well enough to earn itself a sequel.

Chapter 2 picks up right where the first movie ends, in the aftermath of Josh – played by Patrick Wilson – who travels into the nether regions realm to rescue his son’s soul from being trapped in The Further before his body is completely taken over by a demon. Unfortunately, it’s suggested that when he rescued his son, Josh’s body was subsequently possessed by a woman in black. This is what Chapter 2 deals with as his family struggles to attain some semblance of normality after their crazy adventure.

Obviously, normality doesn’t happen as Renai, Josh’s wife and their kids experience weird poltegeisty stuff in their house (again). This time though, the ghosts are far more tangible and in your face – quite literally in one instance. It’s up to Renai, Josh’s mum and their returning ghost hunter pals from the first movie to fix the mess they find themselves in.

Where Insidious was reasonably original, with creepy, disconcerting sound and visuals, Insidious Chapter 2 continues it. But there’s a certain point in the storyline where it just falls apart and the story becomes ludicrous to the max. As the details of the plot are revealed to the audience, it’s clear that to create this web of layers, the writers have had to invent new plot-magic-devices to ensure continuity. The problem is, it felt like they never applied the idiot test of “does it make sense” to the plot. Hell, Josh and his merry band of ghosty ghost busters time travel while they’re in The Further. Urgh. I haven’t had to watch time travel fix a plot line in a short period of time like this since the last Star Trek series stopped airing.

I wonder if a story that makes sense is too much to ask for in a horror movie sequel. Unfortunately, one of the best modern horror classics, Ring (the Japanese version I mean) also suffered from stupid sequel explanation syndrome involving telekinesis and a swimming pool. Insidious Chapter 2 also suffers from the need to make sense of it all, but you wonder if it’s because the original was written with an ending that could easily be exploited by making a sequel deliberately, but without a plan for doing so in the first place?

It’s a pity, because everything else about the movie says that it should be good, old school horror, from the visuals, to the sound and the costuming. If only there weren’t so many logic gaps and leaps in the movie that it ends up being sillier than a Mr Bean marathon.


So much promise, so much stupidity, so much crap.

Should I watch this?

No. But then again, you might be attracted to terribly written horror movies. Watch at your wallet’s peril, but also your dignity. Sadly, it will insult your intelligence.


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