Keeping on with the formula

There’s a certain level of comfort in watching an American serial drama. The formula tends to ensure that characters begin and end their journey in each episode in a similar manner, but having learned some lesson about each other or themselves. Although, in the case of shows like Grey’s Anatomy, it’s more likely the lesson learned is how another random doctor/nurse/stranger (pick one per character) performs in bed. Thankfully, Elementary doesn’t succumb to that sort of storyline and keeps to its formula of solving a crime a week.

Thus far, Elementary has kept to its no nonsense formula of sharp crime storytelling with a twitchy and heavily tattooed Holmes backed up by a female Asian Watson. This season is all about how Holmes presumably deals with the aftermath of finding out his girlfriend – Irene Adler – is actually his archnemesis Jamie Moriarty. She’s pretty fetching when she wears House Tyrell colours, so it’s no wonder Sherlock falls for her. Oh wait, that’s Game of Thrones. In the meantime, Holmes and Watson go to London and we meet Mycroft as well as visit 221B Baker Street, in a nod to the original setting of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

So far, the season is going pretty well, the mysteries have been good, with the exception of one episode. The third episode of the season, which primarily deals with a situation much like the Snowden release of sensitive intelligence information scandal that’s been going on in the USA right now. Look, I’m all for relating a television show to real events, but the episode felt like it had a subtext that people who release sensitive information to the world concerning things democratic governments do behind peoples’ backs is evil. They even got a flimsy murder side story against the character which felt a bit forced.

Anyway, flimsy episodes aside, Elementary continues to provide good entertainment. The characters have grown, Watson has shown she can have her own insights into a crime and become more useful to Holmes than the original. Here’s hoping no more slightly political episodes come on air for the rest of the season.


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