I haven’t written anything about the outcome of the Australian election because, in reality, we all know that the words that are said during campaigns are all sound and fury signifying bullshit. Instead, I’ve chosen to let the dust settle a bit and see what the new government is actually doing and preparing to do. I think it’s fair.

Tony Abbott wants to repeal the carbon price, which is a market based strategy for trying to reduce pollution and is to be linked to the European Union’s carbon pricing scheme. This is ironic given the Coalition government is all about private sector investment and market mechanisms to solve problems. Instead, they want to give money to companies to directly reduce their output of CO2. This sounds a bit like the antithesis of core Coalition values.

As far as I’m concerned, this posturing is stupid because it’s obvious most of the world is moving towards the kind of CO2 reduction mechanism the EU and Australia have adopted, including pilot programs in China (shock horror!), one of the biggest polluters in the world. Hell, even the mad citizens in California have a CO2 trading scheme. It really puts to bed the crap about how nobody but silly, silly Australia is moving towards setting up a mechanism where the citizens have a shared responsibility to care for our environment. It’s not a perfect way to do it, but our society and economy have been set up in such a manner that this is the most efficient.

Anyway, our Prime Minister is threatening a double dissolution election come next year if his attempt to repeal the carbon price legislation fails. You know what? Good. Do it. I would happily vote again. Because by then, all the people who thought putting the Coalition in charge of this country with the set of dumb policies they went into the election with will have changed their minds. It’s obvious in public polling that they’re already unpopular, barely a month into their first term.


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