The trouble started when The Boss decided to try something different and dived head first into Android with a Samsung Galaxy S4. This was fine by me and it’s a learning experience in how the other half (quite literally, given the market share for Android) lives for the both of us. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it was any trouble, just that the experience of changing over from iOS to Android has made me seriously think that the logic applied by Apple software engineering is about as stupid as letting Lady Gaga wear a hat and put on make up.

You can tell I am angry can’t you? It’s not that I hate Apple (much) as a company. I think they’ve done great things with technology, and as a technology person, it’s a good thing.

The problem is iOS and the control that Apple exerts over how you use it. Ok, fair enough that some of it has to do with security. But even something as basic as exporting contacts is…impossible unless you know some obscure conjuration within the software. Really, Android lets you do it easily and so does Windows Phone. If the design philosophy behind iOS is to lock their users in and then never let them go, then it seems to be extremely successful. Apple’s own forums and support pages were useless and in fact ended with the entire store of contacts on the iPhone in question being wiped.

Seriously, for a company to say that their computer systems are designed to be fully integrated and more importantly, “easy to use” this tells me that they care more about ensuring customers can’t easily leave. As a consumer, that seems to be the antithesis of the point of a free market economy serving the society that created it. This, more than anything – not the small screen size, not iTunes, not other foibles – is the main factor driving me away from Apple. I doubt I’m the only customer who has this problem.


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