As a young car nut, I have fantasies of a garage filled with classic and modern supercars. Well, a man can dream. As the famous Jay Leno once said on Top Gear, the wife would be much happier to have the smell of a car on you rather than the smell of cheap cologne or perfume. Since I’m quite realistic and realise I’ll probably never be able to afford the kind of garage he enjoys, I have to resign myself to the fact that while I will likely be able to afford a supercar in the future, it will probably be the only one I can afford.

Since that’s the case, my wants are pretty simple: it has to be fast, handle well, be comfortable and its voice must be a sonorous V8 or larger. But it shouldn’t be too flashy. I don’t want the equivalent of fireworks shows every time I drive out of my house. More to the point, it must be practical enough to lug The Boss and I around, plus some weekend gear and contortionists shouldn’t have to teach us how to get in and out. To my mind, there are only a few cars that suit all of these requirements. These requirements fit generally what is referred to as a GT or gran turismo type of car. They’re so named because they transport their passengers quickly but luxuriously across vast distances.

The British are masters at understated, luxurious rapidity.  Historically, they created the sensually flowing lines of the original Jaguar E-Type, the macho cool of Sean Connery driving an Aston DB5 that made it cool.  In the modern age, we have the aluminium techno-wizardry in the new Jaguar F-Type and the classically beautiful Aston Martin DB9. I have quite a choice to make when I (hopefully!) save enough money for the ultimate mistress. They are expensive choices, but choices nonetheless.


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