I don’t know if anyone reading this will remember the game Total Annihilation. It was released sixteen years ago and boy was it fun, balanced and something different. The major difference between it and the major real time strategy games of its time – Red Alert and Starcraft was that in order to win, you had to rely on throwing complete and utter, overwhelming force – aka f*cktons of units of every kind you can muster – at your enemy. You even had command of land, sea and air, something that only Red Alert could really give you.

I must also say that the real difference was that the pace of the game was much faster than its peers. Where in the Command and Conquer line of games, you could take your time to build a strategy and in Starcraft you could go for an all or nothing early attack, you would be dumb not to start to attack your enemy early in Total Annihilation to make sure they were kept off balance and give yourself the best chance you had at victory. That’s because buildings and units are cheap, cheap, cheap as your resource collection is constant.

Now, the original mastermind behind Total Annihilation has dreamt up of an even bigger game and concept. Basically, you take Total Annihilation, allow the war to occur on an entire planet and then, eventually on to the entire planetary system. Then, if you’re good enough (or sadistic enough), you attach some big engines to asteroids and collide it with a planet with your enemy on it. While the game is still in an alpha build and the unit trees are still basic, there is so much potential for the game that it makes me excited for when it is finally completed.


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