Torchlight 2 has a storyline. I have no clue what it is because I couldn’t be bothered reading the exposition of it in text. Also, there are no serious Heaven versus Hell kind of cutscenes like Diablo 3. All I know is that The Alchemist has gone rogue…or something and you have to stop him. You know what? I honestly don’t care what the storyline is because the gameplay, the graphics and the loot is gloriously satisfying. That’s far more important than what the identity of Mysterious Stranger is. It’s inevitable that Torchlight 2 is compared to Diablo 3. They’re both dungeon crawlers and feature similar gameplay and features. The question is, which one is better?

Also, while the actual playing of the game is equally as repetitive, there are more options per class to alter how you play and what customizations you have. For instance, in Diablo 3, you only have a certain number of slots of quick skills and you get to change around your inventory, whereas in Torchlight 2, you get the full use of your number keys plus other customisable hotkeys. You even get to change your character’s skill points, unlike in Diablo! In that case, you couldn’t really experiment with different kinds of builds since every Monk and every Demon Hunter had exactly the same attribute points. The only differentiation was the inventory and skill combination of your hot keys. The ability to really customise your character in Torchlight 2 is much better and is basically what Diablo 2 had for its interface. Blizzard messed around with something that was close to perfection and, well it generally meant that it wasn’t nearly as fun.

I quite like the graphic style of Torchlight 2 as well. It is more cartoonish than Diablo 3 with it’s bright hues and lighting. You know what? The problem with Diablo is that it’s a serious game. The forces of Heaven and Hell are battling it out like The Rock and Michael Cena in the wrestling ring. It takes itself too seriously because it’s got that storyline, but Torchlight 2 doesn’t suffer from grandiose self importance. Really, you can only watch those cutscenes with Tyrael in it so many times before you get bored.

Overall, I got bored of Diablo 3 after a couple of weeks. Torchlight 2 has much better value for replayability since there’s more options to make characters in the image you want them to be. There is a thriving mod community and map challenges for those who have reached the level limit which means more fun, more often.


3 thoughts on “Torchlight 2 – that’s right, better than Diablo 3

  1. I totally agree with you. The Torchlight series is great, and Torchlight 2 beat out Diablo 3 for me and my husband as well. It probably has something to do with the fact that a lot of the people who were on the design team for D2 went over to Runic games and worked on the Torchlight series. Character customization for Torchlight wins, hands down.

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