Under the Dome is a show based on bad science. Never mind that the eponymous dome everyone is trapped under is literally a force field which must have some sort of a power source. In order to project an energy field of such size and strength, that means a lot of energy needs to be expended. Surely, you could detect something making that much power, whether it’s terrestrial or not. Just the fact that hasn’t happened yet just seems silly.

Also, after two episodes, most of the characters are still not people that I particularly care about. In fact, most of them are hateful, conniving arseholes and the only reason the show is remotely interesting is that they’ve all done some weird stuff, like murder, kidnapping and manslaughter by ricochet. The show is therefore more about solving mysteries resulting from white lies and actions of opportunity or convenience a whole bunch of bored country people have created for themselves.

This is exactly the kind of over the top drama that makes absolutely no sense to me. Yes, it’s based on a Stephen King novel of the same name, yes he’s a great author, but I’m not sure I can even watch past the next episode because every time something happens, I feel like breaking out the Stargate Atlantis DVDs and watching them again. At least Atlantis was good.


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