Steam versus Origin is the biggest gaming fight on the PC and the only one that really matters to real gaming men (yeah this is tongue in cheek). Who cares about the console kiddies baiting each other over the PS4 and XBox One when the damned things are identical in their construction, processing power and the only difference is the company that makes the device.

I’ve been tolerating Origin, because regrettably, EA decided their top shelf games would be exclusive to them. Sadly, Origin is just not in the same league of usability and is about four years behind Steam for features.

Then, there’s the attitude towards gamers and up and coming games. Where a lot of the featured items on Steam are indie efforts from talented up and coming programmers, Origin promotes…Battlefield 4. Surely, if Origin wanted to get people to use their device more, they should promote smaller, up and coming studios and have them as Origin exclusives. That way, successful games and studios would be a boon and would take impetus off Steam to be used used by more people.

Sadly, there’s also the revenue protection of sales differences. When Steam has a sale, top shelf stuff goes out the door with bigger discounts than a Myer stocktake sale. 75% or more are common. Origin sale? Ten percent off Simcity. Which is still buggy and doesn’t work properly.

There’s no one reason why Steam will always prevail over Origin. One is a cynical corporate response to changing consumer trends and the other is a pioneer that proudly supports future talent and treats its customers with respect. I wonder whether Origin will ever be thought of as fondly as its competition.


4 thoughts on “Steam versus Origin

    • I think it’s almost like that. Origin is like the popular guy at school who has no talent but has money.

      Steam ia like the popular jock with both a conscience and a brain.

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