Oh dear lord, not again! There are no bad logic warnings because, frankly it’s a comedy movie about drugs and booze.


Bradley Cooper as Phil Wenneck
Ed Helms as Dr. Stuart Price
Zach Galifianakis as Alan Garner
Justin Bartha as Doug Billings
John Goodman as Marshall
with Ken Jeong as Leslie Chow
and Melissa McCarthy as Cassie

I‘ve always thought of the Hangover series of movies arrived perfectly in terms of my period of life, when all my mates were finally getting married to their partners, much like the first American Pies did when I was an over-hormonal teenager going through high school and the end of adolescence.

The first two Hangovers were awesomely hilarious, wild adventures that began with the premise of a plainly awesome and drug fueled night of debauchery between the groom-to-be and his groomsmen. Upon waking up, the adventure is to find out what the hell happened and where they’ve hid one of their buddies. This Hangover is very different. For starters, the adventure is much darker, with more swearing and violence, but unfortunately, less funny. It’s not because the film induces cringes or the humour is in any worse taste than the others, it’s just genuinely not as funny.

It starts off reasonably well, the giraffe’s head notwithstanding. Since finding out that Alan has not been taking his medication and consequently acting out more than usual, the boys decide it’s high time to take him to a facility to get better. Unfortunately, this means the road trip to hell (well, Tijuana at least) where Doug gets kidnapped by a very angry John Goodman. What ensues is an adventure where things go awry spectacularly and the only reaction is “oh fuck” from Phil. I don’t know who wrote this script, but it’s more repetitive than Ground Hog Day and nor is it anywhere near as good.

The scripting was lacking in charm, the plot was pedestrian in an octogenarian way, and whilst the movie elicited some chuckles from me, it was nothing like the non-stop laughs that the originals managed. The point with the movie is that it’s meant to be reasonably harmless fun stemming from a properly good night out. There shouldn’t be a hostage drama and cold blooded murder involved. The only truly hilarious part? The mid credits scene. I won’t spoil it, but that was the only part of the film that was true to the spirit of Hangover.


Passable action comedy film, but far inferior to the first two in the series.

Should I watch this?

It’s not that it’s absolutely horrible, and I’d you didn’t watch the first two, you’d portions probably enjoy it but I just couldn’t. It wasn’t really funny and was just a real let down.


2 thoughts on “The Hangover: Part 3

  1. Hopefully, this means that we have finally seen the end to the Hangover franchise, even if that final scene may just have me expecting something different. Nice review.

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