This might be ironic coming from a pokey, two bit blog in some far flung corner of the interwebs, but one of the things that has really gotten up my nose recently is public comments sections in major newspapers. There are no lack of opinionated people; after all – opinions are like arseholes. If you don’t have one, you’re full of shite.

However, it’s not likely that comments sections on major newspapers are places for intelligent debate, despite that being the intention. Lots of articles relating to important policy decisions that can affect people’s lives get drawn down into politically biased bollocks and tit for tat shouting about which side is more incompetent than the other since everyone is totally anonymous. Sure, I’m certain that there are far more vitriolic and disturbing comments that are culled from display, but it is really inane to read an article knowing the commentary of the masses is about as inane and vapid as the entirety of House Kardashian.

Perhaps I wouldn’t be so incensed at the state of “debate” if public commentary in major newspapers was limited to the sports and entertainment sections, where it rightfully belongs. Alas, that horse bolted long ago and since then, the tone of debate has become more shrill, more personal and less helpful.


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