So, Ford has finally done it. After 90 years of building cars in Australia – both good and bad – the factories in Geelong and Broadmeadows will be shut in October 2016 (barring some sort of strange, unlikely miracle) and there will be no replacement for the Falcon or Territory. This makes me sad. After working there for nearly two years of my career, I’ve seen firsthand the passion, the expertise and knowledge that goes into building the current generation Falcon and Territory and I can’t help but think that Australia will only truly appreciate the Falcon once it’s gone.

While this definitely puts a timeframe and added urgency to my plan for buying what could be one of the last ever thunderous V8s to come out of Broadmeadows, I’m comforted by the fact that the design and engineering part of Ford Australia will remain here for a very long time indeed. Even when the Falcon becomes the Dodo, the rest of the world can still enjoy the best and cleverest of Australian engineering in the cars that will be designed here like the Ranger and potentially the Everest.

The news wasn’t at all surprising, but I hope that whatever comes to replace Falcon will be a worthy successor and still give those of us with an inner bogan something to smoke the tyres with on a track.


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