Realistic expectations must be the bane of politics. Citizens expect the world but refuse to pay for it. Unfortunately, there’s some sort of mantra out there that you can’t tell the masses bad news unless it makes you look like a dill. Even if you are realistic or honest, the electorate thinks that you’re still stupid and then you’ll be turfed out at an election. Except that the people want you to be honest, of course.

But the worst thing that has happened is the drop in journalism standards in this country. I can even vaguely remember when the Herald Sun was actually halfway respectable. Now, there’s such a slant across all the mainstream newspapers and media that it’s hard to know where the bullshit stopped and the information began.

Why is it that sensationalism has replaced objectivity? Outrage exchanged for debate? It’s interesting to note that everyone seems to have the world’s simplest fix for extremely complex issues that affect our society but oversimplification of the problems we face actually lead to bad solutions.

I wonder just how we can get everyone to take pause and really examine the problems first before opening their traps?


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