I used to be a procrastinator…well, I probably still am a little bit, but in the sense that even up until the final year of university, it would always be do everything last minute. Thanks high school, you taught me well. I was so bad I was caught plagiarising for a reasonably big assignment in year ten. Luckily, the teacher was not too harsh and sent us on our way. Anyway, this habit – as it were – continued on into my first university degree where I procrastinated myself into a few bad marks over the course of the degree. It didn’t help that some of the stuff was pretty hard.

However, since getting into the workforce and hunkering down for projects and helping out around the office for various little jobs and tasks, I’ve found that my attitude to work has changed dramatically. The most telling symptom is in how I approach homework and projects in my second degree.

Instead of waiting for the last minute to do everything, I’m now doing everything proactively, way before the due date. I can’t really pinpoint the moment I changed, but it must have something to do with the desire to get things done quickly and have some spare time for myself and The Boss.

I wonder if anyone else has had this life changing experience?


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